The Nairobi Academy Pre-Preparatory School

The Pre Prep Center was opened in 2005. It is situated along the Langata Road and shares a delightful twenty acre site with the Main Preparatory and Secondary School. It aims to provide a comfortable “home from home” for little ones. Our school is very well-equipped with all the facilities the children need for a balanced, rounded education.

It has ready access to the main school Swimming pool, Computer Lab, Sports Hall, Playing fields and our very own Pavilion and the Library. The outdoor play area is well equipped with playhouses, a water play area, slides, swings, grass and a sand pit. There is also a transport system and hot lunches.

The pre prep is an attractive, spacious purpose -built unit. The children are taught in a modern, high-quality learning environment by caring teachers, experienced in the needs of this age group. Children are encouraged to learn through play and they are prepared both socially and academically.

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Langata Road next to Mamba Village