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The Expatriate is an exclusive platform for advertising  targeting the expatriate customer segment in Kenya.

As the name indicates, the website is centered on subjects of interest to the expatriate community. On the we present information on Kenya covering issues such as, security, housing, we explain about nice residential areas, documents needed when buying/selling cars, recommend garages, describe the kinds of International schools available (school fees, holidays, etc.). Also we provide lists of recommended hospitals, doctors, gyms, restaurants, bars, etc.

The Notice Board component of the offers buyers and sellers a forum to meet. On the notice board private persons can sell their second-hand goods and companies can advertise their brand-new products.

Advertising on the will expose your business to a very attractive target group. Expatriates coming to Kenya are mainly well-educated people hired by international companies, NGOs, embassies or the large UN representation. Most of whom are ready for spending, when settling in here in Kenya. Advertising on offers you exposure to this appealing market segment. has been available since 2001. We have gained popularity and familiarity amongst the expatriate community in Nairobi, through embassies, NGOs and the UN. Moreover, in an agreement with the UN, new employees are referred to when first arriving in Kenya.

If you have interest in targeting the expatriate society we are looking forward to hearing from you.

At we have had businesses advertising with us for more than 10 years.

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We offer three types of paid advertising: Banners, PLUS listing and commercial ads on the notice board.

Banners are a widespread and well known way of becoming familiar to your potential customers.

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Get seen in our business listings, sign up for a PLUS listing and you will be able to share even more information with our expat visitors.

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On the notice board you can post commercial ads. Pro ads go for the price of USD 20. This will allow you up to 10 images and 500 characters for your specific product. And the ad wil stay on the site for 99 days!

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