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Just in case…

Experience has shown that individuals exposed to criminal risk or other security and safety hazards respond more effectively when in possession of basic safety and security knowledge or previous related experience. The SURVIVAL of risk/crisis situations is often credited to previous knowledge or AWARENESS. Such awareness will benefit the decision-making process leading to the transfer or elimination of the potential risk or threat.

Awareness can be defined as the level at which perception functions. Risk can be defined as the potential exposure to loss or to adverse consequences.

Safety and Security in Kenya, to a great degree is dependant upon the individual’s awareness. Knowing where you are and understanding what is going on around you on a daily basis is an excellent deterrent against potential risks and hazards. Awareness lends to improved self-confidence. Attacks upon individuals rarely occur at random. Potential victims are usually observed then selected, and such selection is usually based upon the level of confidence displayed by the potential victim. Be confident; know what you’re about. Where possible familiarize your-self with local cultures, living conditions, politics, economic standards and perhaps even traditions. Be knowledgeable in relation to the potential risks and hazards; remove the element of opportunity upon which all criminal activity is so heavily dependant.

When driving
If you think you are being followed, you should NEVER go to your own place. It is recommended always to be aware of some places 24hrs. For example, major police stations, one of the big hotels (which has guards at the front), crowded clubs, etc.

In some areas of Kenya it is not advised to go by yourself. Especially in the northern parts of Kenya, all driving is done in caravans with police escorts. So, before you plan to go on a longer safari, make enquiries to find out about the security situation first.

Should you be carjacked, try to stay as calm as possible and remember, in Kenya it is very rare that the carjackers turn to violence, as long as you do as told. Sometimes they will take you along in the car for a while, and drop you off somewhere. But that’s it. Nobody is hurt.

And before you do anything stupid, just think: It is only a car. A thing. It is insured, so with a little paperwork you get a new one. It is not worth risking your life for! So stay calm and do as told.