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The Expatriate is the best platform for advertising towards the exclusive segment of UN workers, international companies, NGOs, embassies  and more.

Banners are a widespread and well known way of becoming familiar to your potential customers.

A Banner Ad conveys in words and/or pictures your company’s logo, motto, ambition, special offers – or any other type of message, as the banner seen on the top of this page.

In order to keep the website-visitors attention on the banners, a banner is selected randomly among minimum three banners for each page view . The visitors will see new ads throughout the site. For this reason the visitors will be more alert to the content of the advertisement. Banner Ads are thus powerful as they strongly and instantly pull the attention of the website visitors.

Your banner Ad will appear on the top of the pages on in 468 pixels horizontally and 60 pixels in height, as shown below.

[wpbanners-show id=”1″]

Banners can either be designed by your company and handed to in gif-format with a maximum size of 50 KB or, alternatively, designed by BIOS eCOM at a fair rate.

Kindly note that special arrangements and/or adjustments can be made. For more information please contact Irene.

At the Expatriate we have had businesses and organisations advertising with us for more than 10 years.

Become an Expatriate Business Partner and sign up for a banner ad:

Call Sales Manager Irene on 0722-389975 for further information, or send us an e-mail.



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