Sia Modular Housing

Three bedroom module and two bedroom module respectively.

Sia Modular Housing is the premier designer and maker of modular or prefab houses in Kenya. Sia is a meticulous creator and manufacturer of houses that are easy to remove, install, transport and store. The prefab houses are an integral part in modern housing; prioritizing affordability, cost and portability.

While many companies design and create modular houses, Sia Modular Housing stands out as the competent modern prefab houses creator. We apply professional design, normalized modular and utilized manufacture, to create modern prefab houses. These prefab houses can be reused as many times as possible. The materials may also be recycled multiple times. Prefab houses are commonly used as temporary offices, houses, shops, hotels, warehouses.

As modern housing embraces modular houses or prefab houses, Sia Modular Housing fills the skills gap by designing and constructing pristine finished prefab houses which are long lasting, easy to transport and install and can be used as many times as possible with a lifetime of 30 years or more, if kept in good condition.

We have two designs of modular houses; 2 bedroom module and 3 bedroom module. The 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom modular houses are made of EPS sandwich panels. EPS sandwich panels are lightweight, eco-friendly wall materials. These space saving materials may have thickness ranging from 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. The 2 bedroom modular house has a space of 37 square meters while the 3 bedroom modular house has a space of 64 square meters.

Our modular house is designed to have a spacious living room, fully functioning kitchenette, bedrooms and toilet. Toilet, shower, sink, mirror and toilet racks are installed during the placing of the modular house. After completion, you will only need to connect supply and drainage pipes. We can also customize the layout based on your preferences and suggestions.

Sia Modular Housing creates reliable, shock-proof structures which withstands the test of time. The modular houses are fire resistant, waterproof, moisture proof and anti-corrosive. It is a 1 day 1 house as installation takes just one day, handled by a team of six people. Electricity wiring including switches and sockets are done during installation.

Our modular houses are made of aluminum windows, steel doors, eco-friendly wall material and wooden floors. We professionally design and create modular or prefab houses which are durable, spacious and safe.

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