Sheikh’s Bbq and Grill

We offer Indian and coastal cuisines, made by expert chefs and served pristinely to our clients. We cook and serve the best Indian cuisine food in Nairobi for lovers of Indian food. Our Indian dishes are diverse and characterized by sophisticated and subtle use of many spices, vegetable, grains and fruits. We use fresh ingredients and a mix of fresh and dried spices.

Indian food is tasty, healthy and mouthwatering, thanks to its different ingredients and spices, each bringing their own flavor. Our Indian servings include fish pakoras, chicken pakoras, tikka leg and breast, chooza chicken, paneer tikka, plain naan, buttered naan, tawa kheema, tawa chicken, fish tikka, fish poussin, paneer poussin and poussin chicken.

Our specialized cooking goes beyond Indian foods, we also cook coastal foods with significant Swahili and Asian influence also known as Swahili cuisine. It offers an array of dishes popular in the Kenyan coast. Our Coastal dishes include maru bhajia, fried black kebab Mombasa style, chicken mshikaki, mutton mshikaki and beef sheikh kebab.

Our menu also include charcoal grilled chicken wings, lamb chops, pepper steak and side dishes such as ugali, plain rice, vegetable rice, masala chips, poussin chips, creamy mash potato, plain naan, buttered naan and  plain chips.

You can always water down your serving with an assortment of fresh juices such as vimto special, tamarind juice, passion juice, mango juice, pineapple mint and milkshakes such as vanilla milkshake and strawberry milkshake.

We complete your food experience with an offer of dessert including the kulfi ice cream.

Eating at our restaurant is an experience to savor.

Mobile: +254 722 323786
Mobile: +254 722 726786

P.O. Box 10625 – 00400 Nairobi

Karen, Ngong Road just after Karen Automart, Nairobi