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Fushia “About Us” Story
Welcome To Fushia, It’s Nice To Meet You
Change is part of life. Sometimes change leads to growth, and growth may require a shift of location, people and belongings or items.
A change of residence, office or in some cases valuable and priceless items can be challenging physically, emotionally and financially.
Fortunately, Fushia Movers has come to your rescue. Fushia has come to relieve you of the tension. Fushia has come to remove the risk of loss and damages that often accompanies these changes…

Why Choose Fushia Smooth Moves To Move You?
Introducing the Fushia Triple 2-In-1 Moving Warranty…
We know that your belongings and items tell a story of your inspiration, transformation and progress. Your items tell a story that cannot be bought with any currency.

1. The Fushia Zero-Scratch™ packing and handling system gives your items the well-deserved velvet touch and ensures that all your items get zero scratches, dirt or dents.

2. The Fushia Insurance Cover by GA Insurance ensures that any of your items that’s lost or damaged is replaced 100% if it’s packed, handled or moved by the Fushia MoveMate crew.

The Fushia 2-In-1 Warranty guarantees you that you have nothing to lose in moving with Fushia Smooth Moves.

How Do We Move You?
Fushia doesn’t just move your houses and offices, we move your homes and communities.
That’s why Fushia has partnered with all the relevant players to ensure that your end-to-end moving process is smooth and seamless.
Our core business is to provide you with a seamless, smooth and hustle-free moving experience in a simple 4-step process:
Our Kenyan DCI-tested and Zero-Scratch™ Certified MoveMate crew arrives on time at your new home or office. 
Our MoveMate crew packs all your items with our velvet touch using the Zero-Scratch™ packing and handling system.
Our MoveMate crew loads all your packed items through the red carpet into our clean, closed and branded truck.
Our MoveMate crew off-loads all your items and customizes the set-up of your new home or office just the way you want it.

The Fushia Brand Promise
Smooth Moves.

Mobile: +254 795 333555

P.O. Box 59808 – 00200 Nairobi



Kenrail Towers Southern Wing 6th Floor, off Ring Road, Westlands