Brookhurst International Schools

Our Choice to offer the British National Curriculum is due to its worldwide reputation of high quality, continuity and transfer ability by students around the world.
Excellence is what we are and what we plan to provide for each of the student enrolled at Brookhurst, thus our motto: Dedicated to Excellence.
Traditional classroom teaching is not entirely sufficient for the overall development of the modern day student. Our co-curricular activities fill the missing gaps and create an interesting niche for every child.

Brookhurst International Schools fosters an environment that encourages our students to be the best they can be. We hold our students to a high standard and we invest in their academic journey at Brookhurst. Every student houses within themselves their individual dreams, ambitions and aspirations, it is our job to help them achieve them.

Brookhurst focuses on molding each child into well rounded global citizens. We nurture change makers who will leave a positive mark on this world. Our student focused, student driven approach helps our student body shape their Brookhurst experience by giving them the ability to lead in school activities, events and agenda.

Brookhurst International Schools exceptionally unique campuses in Lavington and Kiserian offer exemplary facilities, dedicated staff, an engaging, happy and helpful family environment. Begin your child’s Brookhurst journey today.

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Pipeline – Isinya Road, Kiserian and Mageta Road, Lavington