Brookhurst International School

Our Choice to offer the British National Curriculum is due to its worldwide reputation of high quality, continuity and transfer ability by students around the world.
Excellence is what we are and what we plan to provide for each of the student enrolled at Brookhurst, thus our motto: Dedicated to Excellence.
Traditional classroom teaching is not entirely sufficient for the overall development of the modern day student. Our co-curricular activities fill the missing gaps and create an interesting niche for every child.

Brookhurst International School is a progressive, multicultural, value-based day and boarding school in Kenya offering the British Curriculum education at the highest standards for students between year 4 to A level. Our world-class campus spans vast acres of the beautiful plains of Kajiado County as we are presently located in the tranquil Kiserian area along Pipeline Road.

We are committed to creating an educational experience where bright, curious, motivated students are nurtured through academic challenges enabling them to grow into leaders of conscience. We offer our students the British National curriculum that is duly accredited by Cambridge International and Edexcel. Our curriculum affords students a chance to gain access to leading universities nationally and worldwide. The British National curriculum offers internationally recognized qualifications that culminate with the opportunity to sit for IGCSE and GCE (A-Level) examinations.

Our mission is to promote the highest standards of education and extracurricular programs that empower our students to realize their full potential. We pride ourselves in posting excellent performance in IGCSE, our students acquiring private pilot licenses through our aviation program while still in school and participating in international sports tournaments.

Brookhurst International School, dedicated to excellence.

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P.O. Box 7526 – 00300 Nairobi


Pipeline – Isinya Road, Kiserian