International schools

Brookhurst International School
Brookhurst International School is a world class multicultural, christian day and boarding school in Kenya offering British National Curriculum education of the highest standard for students aged 10-18 years for grade 4-13. We admit students from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

Our mission is to promote the highest standards of education and extracurricular programs that empower our students to realize their full potential. We pride ourselves in posting excellent performance in IGCSE, our students acquiring private pilot licenses through our aviation program while still in school and participating in international sports tournaments.

We are committed to holistic growth of individual learners through; academic excellence, talent development and nurturing, character formation through high self-esteem development and discipline.

Brookhurst International School, we are committed to excellence.

Pipeline - Isinya Road, Kiserian
P.O. Box 7526 - 00300 Nairobi
Tel: +254 786 564920
Mobile: +254 701 221952
Mobile: +254 736 145985
Mobile: +254 737 502077
Kenton College Preparatory School
Kenton College is a 6-13 years multi-cultural, day, co-educational preparatory school. The British National Curriculum prepares children for the Common Entrance examination, for entry mainly to an Independent Senior Schools in Kenya, U.K., or South Africa. Pupils are taught in small classes and as a result, nobody is overlooked and individual attention is provided whenever required.

In addition to the academic curriculum, everyone participates in a range of cultural and sporting activities. Kenton College is well known for its sporting tradition and pupils play cricket, rugby, hockey, tennis, rounders and netball and swimming. Above all, Kenton College is a happy school where pupils enjoy themselves while working hard. If you think your son or daughter might be happy here, you are most welcome to come and see us at work or at play!

Gichugu Road, Kileleshwa
P.O. Box 25347 - 00603 Lavington, Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 3541513
Mobile: +254 722 205038
Mobile: +254 733 687077
Nairobi Waldorf School
Offers The Waldorf Curriculum, an educational system that will lay the foundation for your children to develop freely and extend their latent individual talents equal to the tasks that awaits them. We strive to make learning an enjoyable experience!

Miotoni Road, Karen
P.O. Box 13732 - 00800 Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 823463
Tel: +254 20 2143507
Mobile: +254 733 487537
Mobile: +254 722 823463
Pembroke House Prep School
A British curriculum boarding school for boys and girls 6-13 years, located in the heart of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. Founded in 1927, the school is located in 110 acres of secure grounds and is the ideal foundation for I-GSCE. Come and visit any time or take our virtual tour online.

Pembroke House, Nyahururu Road, Gilgil, Kenya
P.O. Box 31 - 20116 Gilgil, Kenya
Tel: +254 20 2312323
Fax: +254 50 50319
Mobile: +254 722 526374
Mobile: +254 734 480439
Potterhouse School
Potterhouse is a Christian School following the British National Curriculum. At Potterhouse we are committed to developing each child and moulding them to reach their highest potential. Potterhouse School - A foundation for a life of excellence and impact!

Runda Road, Runda Estate
P.O. Box 950 - 00606 Sarit Centre, Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 7121222
Fax: +254 773 002346
Mobile: +254 722 252551
Mobile: +254 733 798546
Rosslyn Academy
An International Christian School in Nairobi, Kenya. We are a mission-founded school and our faculty members are committed believers who seek to bring Christ into all aspects of our education.

Off Limuru Road, Off UNEP Avenue, Past UNEP
Off Magnolia Close, Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya
P.O. Box 14146 - 00800 Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 2635261
Tel: +254 20 2635294
Tel: +254 20 2635295
Tel: +254 20 2635296
Fax: +254 20 2635281
Mobile: +254 727 646602
Mobile: +254 732 646602
Mobile: +254 736 646602
St. Christopher’s Schools
We are private, international, co-educational, day and boarding schools in Nairobi offering the British curriculum. Our mission is to challenge each student to attain excellence in every aspect of life in a loving and caring environment. "British Education, Kenyan Warmth"

Ngong Road, Karen
P.O. Box 21378 - 00505 Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 3884119
Tel: +254 20 3884120
Tel: +254 20 3884121
Fax: +254 20 2146548
Mobile: +254 723 318833
The Nairobi Academy Preparatory and Senior School
Nairobi Academy Preparatory School is a wonderful place to be. The Preparatory School is for boys and girls aged 6-11 years. We boast of high academic standards, well behaved happy children, attractive spacious grounds, well qualified experienced staff and many extra curricular activities.

The school teaches the British National Curriculum. Good behaviour and small class sizes provide an optimal environment for learning. A wide range of extra curricular activities are on offer. Every child has the opportunity to excel, whether it is in academics or sport, Music or the Arts. Effort, improvement and excelling are all recognized as achievement.

Our Senior School has enjoyed over 35 years of success. Students are prepared and entered for IGCSE and A Level Examinations. We always strive to convey the essence of Nairobi Academy Schools to be a healthy learning environment that prepares the 'whole person', a friendly and stimulating atmosphere that is both happy and secure, a platform for students to exploit and enhance their inherent potential and talents as well as an arena that challenges students, while creating a social awareness and sense of responsibility.

Langata Road next to Mamba Village
P.O. Box 24817 - 00502 Nairobi
Tel: +254 20 891156
Tel: +254 20 890983
Fax: +254 20 891155
Mobile: +254 722 208365
Mobile: +254 723 063216
Mobile: +254 735 338047
Telkom Wireless: +254 20 2044678
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